is a finding service for Rabbis, academics, librarians, collectors and scholars .. is a unique Seforim finding service for Rabbis, academics, libraries, collectors and scholars.
We are your agent to find a seller for the Sefer you need. 
We do not sell these Seforim directly. We locate a seller and send you his info.
This Seforim in Demand Catalog currently displays 3440 important Seforim.
Most of these Seforim were found for our Members over the last 18 years.
The price displayed is the last price that this Sefer was sold for.
Simply put the Sefer in your shopping cart and fill out the form. 
We will send you a verification email and an assessment if this Sefer is findable. 
After you confirm your search order a finders fee of 35-70 shekels will be charged.
As soon as we find and verify a current seller for the requested Sefer we will email you his contact info.
So many Seforim today are being printed in small private editions
So many classic Seforim and sets are off the market and are not being reprinted at all
Members get: priority service, discounts and can advertise their own private Seforim on VirtualGeula
Subscribers may request pickup, repacking and shipping services as in the past.