is a finding service for Rabbis, academics, librarians, collectors and scholars ..

VirtualGeula is unique. We are “Seforim finders” 
We are your agent to find and purchase the Sefer you need at the most reasonable price we can
We work backwards… We dont “sell you” our Seforim, We find and purchase the Seforim you need
We are your personal bibliographer 
So don”t ask: “Do you have” but say instead “Please find me”
Every order begins with a nominal Search charge
This Catalog currently displays 3500 important Seforim we have found for our Members over the last 20 years
The prices are not current. The price displayed is the last price that this Sefer was last sold for”.  
To get an up to date price – Please fill out a Search form and we will email you a price quote as soon as we find a copy
Users pay 25 sh. to search for a Sefer in our catalog and 50 sh. for a custom search or 70 sh. for a rare search
Members pay 15 sh. to search for a Sefer listed in our catalog and 35 sh. for a custom search
Subscribers pay 10 sh. to search for a Sefer listed in our catalog and 25 sh. for a custom search
Why do we work “backwards” ?
So many Seforim today are being printed in small private editions
Many classic Seforim and sets are off the market and are not being reprinted at all
So many readers are looking for very specific Seforim and each reader has different needs and is the “go-to website” to find specialty Seforim
So first tell us who you are, and what you need, and we will become your personal agent to find your Sefer.

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