Best analysis yet of events in Gaza

torah magina ve matzila

תורה מגינה ומצילה
credits to Arye ספרים שיווק והפצה

Best analysis yet of events in Gaza


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Publish and Perish or Digital Death

Actually this is an article which I  wrote 2 years ago.  In the meantime I have somewhat modified my views. After reading the reading Rav Ben Zion Kooks article  on Rav Ovadia’s attitude about self-publishing authors (see  in our blog) I now agree that there is no reason to  attach any stigma to a Torani author who prints his own Sefer. If an author is using the opportunity of printing a Sefer to consolidate and crystillize his thinking – he is doing something good and this is laudable. Only one must clearly distinguish between Mechabrim who are printing books for their  לימוד תורה ולתלמידים and the Mechabrim who are printing a Sefer כקרדום לחפור בו כבוד או כסף.

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“Sefarim Hunter” from Ami magazine


A few apologies for some of the  innaccuracies and attempts at  sensationalism here but in our relentless “hunt” to publicize the woeful plight of Sifrei Kodesh publishers we decided to ignore the populist styles of Ami magazine and Talkline on New York  to get our message out ..

ami_1 ami-2

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Great video on getting your garden ready for Shmitta

Great video on getting your garden ready for Shmitta in Hebrew about 8 minutes

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Halacha Yomi B’Hilchot Shmita

You can sign up here for a daily Halacha in Hilchot Shmitta plus an app for learning about Shmitta on your smart phone. (I don’t have one but maybe you do :) .
Rav Adas’ Sefer on Shmitta is available via

dailh halacha shmitta

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Annual MRK sale on VirtualGeula



For the 8th year running only VirtualGeula is authorized by special arrangement to accept orders and ship directly from the Annual Sale to addresses in the Diaspora.  

The Judaica Archival Project and VirtualGeula offers its active Subscribers and Members a chance to participate from anywhere in the world at the same discount prices you would pay as if you attended the sale yourself (and without the line-ups). This year there are up to 65 % discounts. 

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How to publish your first Sefer

sell new book

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Machlokes (LeShem Shamayim) Rabbi Eliashiv + Rav Ovadia ZTs”l


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VG has been entirely redesigned


As you will remember is a unique Sifrei Kodesh site, dedicated to Seforim learners and lovers. VG provides a dedicated Seforim finding and fulfillment service to its members and subscribers.

VG today lists 1750 of the important learning Seforim printed in Israel over the last 10 years.
We have cataloged on our site every Sefer which has been requested and found since 2004.
VG also lists many unique privately printed editions.

We intend to catalog many more!  Our goal is not only to help important Mehabrim post their Sefer on the Internet but to create a single online resource for anyone looking for a Sefer. Please contact us here or at if we can send you information about sponsoring a group of books.

This is our first newsletter in more than  6 months ago. The quiet is due to intense activity while we have been redesigning our website and updating our email server. .

Please let us know which changes you found helpful and which you found were less so.

On the occasion of rolling out our redesigned site we are offering a free Sefer to anyone who becomes a member or Subscriber or renews his semi-annual Membership or Subscription. (Subscribers will get their free Sefer including airmail). Please register online and we will email you a list of the free Seforim when we receive your registration notice.

להשתמע: יעקב, שמחה, משה, ויודי

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