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Catalogued: 5781

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Exploring Tehillim
לחקור תהילים
Malka Kaganoff

A clear synopsis and background for each perek
First Edition
  • Tehillim
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  • Elucidation of the Eternal Song of the Jewish Nation
  • המחבר
  • Jerusalem
  • 2020
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  • כר' קשה
Malka Kaganoff Exploring Tehillim presents a clear synopsis of each perek and also provides interesting information about the perek. Everyone who has avialed themselves of this important book has shared positive feedback that Tehillim is now more understandable. To quote Rav Zev Leff "presentation is short and to the point, thus truly an aid in focusing on the themes presented in the various chapters, adding to one’s appreciation of Tehillim in general and enhancing one’s emotional attachment to their recitation.