For authors, publishers, and distributors

The Seforim in Demand Catalog is the retrospective catalogue of VirtualGeula and includes all the Seforim purchased by readers since 5764 (2004). It is a shopping cart catalogue using some of the most advanced bookstore software on the web to enable a full yet concise description of each Sefer

Authors Publishers & Distributors may submit any Sefer as long as it is available to the public for sale through VG.   These listings are intended for the Orthodox Jewish Public, consequently, we reserve the right to reject any listing we find inappropriate.

To get started please contact us here to receive the URL and password for our online submission form. You will be asked to send digital pictures from your Sefer plus a credit card for payment. If you have several books to advertise please let us know so we can discount your adds.

Your ad will be posted on the opening page for at least a month. The information and images of your Sefer will be permanently stored in our Seforim Database and listed on Google so that if anyone orders your Sefer even years from now we will contact you.

VirtualGeula Publisher’s Showcase is a Portal in which each publisher displays information about his publishing house and his entire catalogue. These low-cost web-stores including both a hosting and e-commerce service and are designed particularly for publishers and distributors of Sifrei Kodesh.

Every page or site includes pictures or graphics, a short description in English and Hebrew of your project, a catalogue or price-list and links to VG SSL registration and order forms. The secure forms allow visitors on your site and to safely shop and to order items from your catalogue. We also suggest linking several of your most popular books to the shopping cart so visitors to your catalogue page can feel that they make their purchase on the spot. Please browse the existing sites on VG’s Publisher’s Showcase, choose a style which is appropriate for you and then contact us for a quote. Also, see the Hebrew help page.


VirtualGeula Link Page is a powerful option if you already have a web-page for your book or publishing house or Judaica store. VG has been an active portal on the Web for 26 years and is visited by 1000 dedicated Seforim lovers every month. You can place your link in our publisher’s index or request that we include it in our newsletter which is sent to 2500 active Seforim lovers worldwide.