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Welcome to operates as your personal bibliographer. We do our utmost to find and buy your Sefer directly from the publisher, author, distributor, or dealer. If it is out of print we often find a used copy or make you a facsimile copy from a scan at a fair price. VG displays Seforim like a bookstore but it is different. These are Seforim that we found and purchased for our members over the past 20 years. We do not have a store or a warehouse. We are your agents, we search and find a copy of the Sefer you need among hundreds of dealers and then send it to you! We take a personal interest in your Seforim needs. This site is about Ahavat Torah and Ahavat Sefer.

The Judaica Archival Project (JAP), originally a non-profit Preservation and Access Project for Jewish books, was founded in Jerusalem in 1986 with the blessings of leading Rabbis and scholars including Rav Avraham Farbstein and Rav Shlomo Zalman Auerbach. (VG) is the website of JAP since 1997. Since 2004 almost every Sefer ordered on VG has been recorded in our Seforim in Demand Catalog.


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Placing an order:  For first time and occasional users:

  • Register only once and from then on use the contact form or simply email your request.
  • Please identify the Sefer (full title and edition and its exact WEB address in one of our catalogues or a book search may be charged).
  • After we receive your order-form or request we will reply by email to clarify any missing details.
  • When your order is ready for shipping we will email a detailed invoice for your inspection. 
  • The following day your credit card will be charged and the Seforim will be shipped that week.

Tips: For faster service:

  • Become a Member or Subscriber and your request will be prioritized
  • Use the order-forms and send all the information you have about the book.
  • Instead of asking for a pre-quote please set a price limit and we will SEND IT at the lowest price available, as long as it is under your limit.
  • Instead of asking the cost of shipping – Use the Doar calculator: (Note a standard vol. of 450 pages, 25 cm. weighs 1 kilo packed.

ShippingDefault shipping is via the Israeli post office :

0-5 kilo  DEFAULT shipping will be via registered airmail book-rate (14-21 days)
5-20 kilo LOW PRIORITY shipping will be via registered sea-mail (1-3 months)
0-20 kilo PRIORITY shipping will be EMS – Express Mail door to door Service (3-6 days)

In Israel:
DEFAULT shipping will be via postal courier (Same day, Sun-Thurs. only)

  • Packing and handling is 15 shekels per parcel and 25 shekels for parcels over 5 kilo.
  • By default, we register all shipments. You may choose non-registered mail but at your own risk.
  • Default shipping is via Airmail Post. (UPS, FedEx, DHL etc. air-freight are also available).
  • Please go to the Israel Postal Authority CALCULATOR to figure out your shipping costs.
  • Prior to actual packing and weighing your shipment, we can only estimate shipping costs.
  • Basic insurance is offered by the Israeli Post Office. Additional insurance will be added for packages over $200 by default.
  • Business or office addresses are highly preferable. Many home deliveries are returned to Israel if no one opens the door to sign!

Note – You can save on Delivery Costs: If you will be visiting Israel send ahead your shopping list and we will collate your orders and send them to your hotel or apartment. We forward to local addresses (up to 20 kilos) via postal courier in Jerusalem for 60 shekels and elsewhere for only 100 shekels. If you are buying in bulk (over 100 kilo) we can send via sea freight or air freight.

TermsThis is a unique door to door find buy and ship service. Please read these terms before you order.

  • We are a book finding service and not a store so search charges will apply to titles not quoted from our online catalogues. Subscribers and Members pay less for searches. 
  • Many Jewish books are published by the author in small editions and are only sold from the author’s home. A physical pick-up charge of 45 to 90 shekels will apply in Jerusalem and 90 to 125  shekels outside Jerusalem. Pick-up charges will be detailed in the quote that we send you before charging your order.
  • A service charge of 45 shekels may apply for the following: pre-quoting current books that are not listed on our website, payment via any means other than a credit card, invalid credit cards, phone calls outside of Israel to obtain missing information. A 5 shekel test charge may be submitted the first time we use your credit card if you don’t become a member. No other charges will be made until the book you order is ready for shipping and you have been quoted  by email. Service charges will be detailed in the price quote we email you.
  • All communications will be via email so please respond by email.  If we do not receive an answer to a query or a price quote within 2 days we will assume that the edition or quote we emailed you is OK and we will proceed with your order. Your credit card may be charged twice:  Once when your order is ready and a few days later for shipping costs.
  • Please state a time limit for your order. Sometimes it can take up to 60 days to find a Sefer that is out of print.  If no time limit is stated cancellation may not be accepted before 60 days. If there is a delay finding some of the items in your order, we may send out what we have found after 10 days and the remainder will follow when it is available. Please combine small orders. The minimum order charge is 100 shekels for non-members and 75 shekels for members.
  • We deal with many suppliers. Orders from different suppliers may be forwarded to you in different packages. Generally, we will hold and collate your order for 10 days and then then forward whatever is ready. Other delayed books will be shipped separately as they become available.
  • Pricing in Publishers Showcase: Pricing policy varies greatly between publishers. Some price-lists are wholesale and others are retail. Some are frequently updated and many are not. In some catalogues, we have erased the prices to eliminate confusion. In others, we explain the price structure on that publisher’s homepage. Prices on the VG site are always estimated prices and are not final. In any case, a detailed invoice with final prices will be sent by email for approval before we charge your credit card.
  • Pre-quotes for books not found in the catalogues online require a Search charge since the process of finding the best supplier with the lowest price is identical to a book-search. 
  • The price on the shopping cart is the price for that book the last time it was sold. If several years have passed this price may no longer be correct. In this case, the quoted price on the invoice sent before charging is the accurate final price. 

Note: Please ask about quantity discounts. Even ordering three copies of a Sefer may result in a significant discount!

Exchanges and Refunds:

  • After you request a Sefer we will send you an email asking you to confirm the edition we are sending. If you did not respond we will assume that this is the edition you ordered and we will send it that same week. If the information you sent us about the Sefer was incorrect, or we misunderstood you, or you wish to make a change in your order it must be within 48 hours. Otherwise the sale is not refundable. 
  • VirtualGeula is responsible to get the item you ordered to the shipper of your choice by the time we promised. We cannot be responsible for mistaken orders on your part or negligence on the part of the shipper beyond our willingness to help you claim for lost or damaged books from each shipper according to his policy. Most publishers will replace a faulty book (missing pages etc.) with little trouble but will not pay the shipping costs to resend it to you.
  • Please arrange for someone to check your mailbox for Post office notices or your front-door if you are not at home. Most packages returned to Israel occur because the recipient was absent and no arrangement was made.
  • Refunds when applicable will be paid in Shekel credit against future purchases. Arrangements for exchanging books must be made directly between you and the publisher or distributor. Facsimile copies may have missing lines or pages if these were missing in the original.
  • All of the used books appearing on our shopping cart are displayed with pictures and a description for your examination. Please read the description carefully and ask any questions you feel necessary. These books are sold as is, at direct outlet prices, and may not be returned or exchanged.


  • We never share your email or personal information.
  • Our registration form is SSL secure.
  • We are not connected to a network.
  • We are protected by firewalls, anti-virus, and anti-spyware on our computer and server.