Letters of support / testimonials

b”h               A small selection of letters from satisfied customers. 

Apr 16

Dear Rabbi Rosenes, I just wanted to let you know that the seforim came today.  
Shipment by sea turned out to be fine and the wait was not long.

Thanks again,

Ken Applebaum


Mar 10

Your service speaks for itself.

I will be recommending your organization to people I know who are “yodei sefer”.

Regards, Shmuel Lamm


Mar 6

I have received the 3 Rashbam seforim and the 2 Ralbag seforim that I recently purchased from VG.  
I have had a chance to spend some time studying all of them.  
These 5 seforim are all tremendously wonderful seforim and I have great simha studying them all. 

Thank you for your excellent unique sefer services !

BK”R,  Zvi Yacov


Jan 25

Thank You for the constant update. It was greatly appreciated

Rachel Leah



 It came today. 

WOW! What a nice Chanuka present.  It really looks great, thank you very much.

Tizku L’mitzvos, Tzvi


Many thanks for the tremendous work you do to help guys like me in far flung places…
may the zchus stand by you בבני חיי ומזוני רוויחי

 Mordechai Abergel

Rabbi The Jacob Ballas Centre Singapore



Dear Rabbi Rosenes, 

This is a quick note to once again say thank you.  My order, VG Invoice #  45232, has arrived. 
Wow, great job to all who helped put this together.  

Best Regards,  Akiva


Shalom Reb Yaacov,

The Shas arrived in perfect condition.  I’m very excited to start learning with it.

Shkoach and Kol Tuv, Avi



 First of all let me say that I now realise and appreciate the service you render. For those of us living in a ספרים מדבר it is כמים קרים על נפש עיפה. Thank you very much. Please see below for my answers to your questions.

 Regards, Rabbi Gidon Fox, Pretoria Hebrew Congregation


I really would like to thank you for your services. We are very happy to have these illuminating books and it was a pleasure doing business with you. I will make sure to spread the word.

Elliot Cohen



Delighted with the seforim

Gmar Chasima Tova

Y. Weber

Tue 21/10/08 9:08 PM

Shalom Yaakov — 

Thank you so much for your thoughtful and informative reply.
Thank you again and Gut Yontov! 
All the best.  I may bother you about other orders in the future — when I can afford them! 
Zei mir gezunt! — michael


Tue 12/08/08 9:40 PM

R’ Yaakov,

I received the package today. It was delivered to my house on Shabbos but I could not accept without signing for it. I went today to the post office to pick it up. Thank you very much for the 

beautifully bound copy you had made for me! {Or is this a reprint that just happened to come out now} I am a very satisfied customer!

Thu 17/07/08 12:12 AM
Dear Rav Rosenes,

I received the sefer today. Thank you so much! The copy is clear and the binding was done very well. It has exceeded my expectations!

Best regards,

Mon 16/06/08 7:47 PM

Shalom Y.Rosenes

Today I recieved the books – everything is beautiful, the books I wanted, beautiful binding.

Thanks for your help.

Best regards,

Wed 01/08/07 6:14 PM

my son yonah was so excited that i received the book today that we did a small shiur over the phone while he is on his army base. i am sure the book which he has been searching for years will give him much hizuk..
,he said he is glad he did not get it before tisha bav as he wants to bless sheheheyanu.
i tell you this to express the importance of your work.

hazak iematz
Thu 10/05/07 9:41 PM


yishtabach shemo! we’re rolling! Thanks so much for your menschlechkeit and persistence.

Rabbi Gavriel 


Fri 04/05/07 9:09 AM

Yaakov Shalom!

The CD did arrive safely. It’s a wonderful work indeed. I myself converted it to PDF e it works pretty well, so there is no need of further shipping on your part, thanks so much anyway.

I think your work is most useful to the Jewish culture and anyone who loves and studies it should be most grateful to you.




Tue 27/02/07 7:32 PM

I received the Rav Amram Gaon siddur my friends in beit shemesh. It is a beautiful sefer – thank you!




Fri 16/02/07 2:42 AM

Thank you very much for the great service. The books arrived today.

Wed 17/01/07 3:11 PM

What great service… Kol HaKavod!
PS Does Mosad Rav Kok have more of the volume 2?

Thank you very much,


Le 18 sept. 06, à 15:06,
Julien Darmon [juldarmon@yahoo.fr]

May you be all inscribed in the only book VG will never be able to find for its customers: Sefer haChayim. 

I am very happy to know the service has grown so much.
Ketiva veChatima tova,
Julien Darmon.


Reb yaakov 

Thanks for all of your efforts relating to the Or Zarua. You are a genuine “zakai” in the words of Chazal and hundreds of people thirsty for the words of Torah have already benefited from your mesiras nefesh. In addition,

you helped revive Torah of a great tzadik that had been forgotten for hundreds of years. May the zchus hatorah guard you and your family. 
Michael and I will do our best to assure that your zechusim continue to grow. 

Shalom J


Date sent:       Tue, 17 March 2005 12:44:13 EDT 
Subject:         Re: Or Zarua

Reb yaakov 
Thanks for all of your efforts relating to the Or Zarua. 

You are a genuine “zakai” in the words of Chazal and hundreds of people thirsty for the words of Torah have already benefited from your mesiras nefesh. 
In addition,you helped revive Torah of a great tzadik that had been forgotten for hundreds of years.

May the zchus hatorah guard you and your family. 

Michael and I will do our best to assure that your zechusim continue to grow. 

Shalom J


Date sent:       Thu, 23 Dec 2004 12:45:48 +0200 
Subject:         Re: Or Zarua 
my dear dear rav yaakov there are no words that can discribe this beautiful supprise that awaited my arrival from st. louis, mo. 

There is no question that there was tremendous se’ato de’shama involved here. 

rav yaakov you are a good man, i mean jew. 



Date sent:  Thu 27/01/05 4:16 AM 
Subject:  Italian Siddurim 
Shalom, Y. Rosenes, 

The siddurim arrived today early in the morning around 7:45 AM New York City time. 

Everything was in good shape and there was no damage to the siddurim or the box they were shipped in. 

It was nice doing bussiness with you and if I ever need to find another sefer I now know who to go to. 
So stay well and until next time, 

Doni Patrisso 

Date sent: Tue, 17 Dec. 2004 
From: Avram Reisner 
Subject: Other site


You are correct in your surmises — I had found v-g.com and I now I know where to look in a better way. 

And the “promise” I referred to was not a specific promise that you had made but the general “promise” as exciting potential that I imagined when discovering your site and that seemed to flow from the wording I found there. 

I will try v-g.net and see what I find. 
Thanks for the prompt response. 

Shabbat shalom 



Date sent:       Tue, 13 Aug 2002 22:54:29 EDT 
Subject:         Re: Orech Haim Rav Haim Ben Menachem

I can’t believe you found it! I have been looking for eight years. 
I really appreciate it…whatever the cost please let me know I will gladly 
pay it!


To:              info@virtualgeula.com 
Subject:         RE: Midrash Rabba Hamevoar 
Date sent:       Sun, 23 Jun 2002 07:50:41 +0200


Anyway, thank you. I will be in contact with you when I will need a 
book or send my friends to you. Your web site is great !!!!

Date sent:       Fri, 12 Apr 2002 21:52:42 EDT 
Subject:         The Kabbalah Book by Saul Raskin 
To:              info@virtualgeula.com

We  just received the book today and it is more than we ever expected 
or hoped for.

We would like to thank you for helping us and wish you and Israel 
God’s Blessing and be safe.

If you have access to more ancient Kabbalah books please let us know.

Shabbat  Shalom and Chodesh Tov.

Art and Naomi Sloan 
Subject:         THANKS 
Date sent:       Tue, 15 Jan 2002 15:40:27 -0500

Dear Yaakov:

The sefer arrived yesterday – thank you so much for the excellent 
service – I am so pleased to have finally gotten this long (19 years ) 
out-of print-sefer – I am certain it will enhance my learning greatly 
– I will be sure to tell others of this wonderful website –



Date sent:       Sat, 15 Dec 2001 23:37:57 EST 
Subject:         the books are here 

The books arrived this week and my daughter has been reading them and 
quoting from them ever since.

Once again thanks so much for the personalized treatment.

Date sent:       Sun, 04 Nov 2001 15:42:57 -0600 (CST) 
Subject:         from Colleen Leary.  reply about book order and membership. 
To:              jmr@aquanet.co.il

4 November 2001

To:   jmr@aquanet.co.il

Thank you for air mailing Mishna Im Perush HaMishnayot-MRK edition.

I received it in excellent condition on Friday, 2 November.

I am very grateful for your project and booksite.  I have been looking 
for this book for about 2 years and finally stumbled on your website. 
Thanks for your helpful service.

Colleen Leary 

Date sent:       Thu, 1 Nov 2001 21:43:15 EST 
Subject:         Re: Siddurei rashash 
To:              jmr@aquanet.co.il

Todah Rabah, and I look forward to doing some more business with you, 
bli neder…Shabat Shalom, Rahmiel


To:               <virtualgeula@yahoo.com> 
Subject:          Order 
Date sent:        Wed, 16 May 2001 17:18:08 -0700

I placed an order yesterday by fax.   Please let me know if you have 
received the order, when the books will be shipped, and when I can expect 
them in the mail. 

 I am very excited about your service.  It is truly 
enabling a Virtual Geula, even here in Seattle, WA.

Adam Simon


To:               jmr@aquanet.co.il 
Subject:          Re: Quote-yalqut yosef a few quotes 
Date sent:        Sun, 20 May 2001 18:12:36

When I was in Israel I know I saw a black multivolume set of Yalkut 
Yosef that was the size of a paperback book.

Thanks, Michael Benklifa

P.S. I absolutely love your website and will probably buy a lot of books from 
you in the future since the city I live in has no decent bookstore.


From:             Moshe Wisnefsky <myw@netvision.net.il> 
Date sent:        Wed, 16 May 2001 16:43:01 +0200 
Subject:          Re[4]: Siddur Graf 
Send reply to:    myw@netvision.net.il

Dear YR,

Got it, and it is really a thing of beauty.  Nice paper, both sides, nicely bound, hard to 
believe it’s not an original. Yasher koach for your great work and many blessings.

If I’ll need something like this again, I definitely know where to go!


Date sent:        Mon, 23 Apr 2001 13:56:09 EDT 
Subject:          Thanks for Sefer 

Shalom, I wanted to thank you for the photostat of Limmudei Atzilut which 
arrived before Pesach. It is wonderful to be able to have such chashuv 
seforim. -Michael Kittell


Subject:          Mikroat Gedolot – Hamaor-The Final Chapter 
To:               jmr@aquanet.co.il

Dear Ya’akov, 
Well, B’H the much longed for package has been located. 
I picked up the Mikra’ot Gedolot from the central depository for packages in 
Johannesburg. They could not give me a reason when asked why they had not 
delivered the package to the address on the parcel. Nevertheless, I have it 
safely at home so please do not worry yourself and make any further 

I would like to thank you for all your help in assisting me acquiring these 
lovely seforim. Your assistance was always willing and professional and I 
hope you and your organisation go “lemala u lemala” from strength to 

Ian and Tali