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J.A.P Membership Plan costs only 50 shekels for 6 months and includes:

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Book Searches:

Search for book in print Non-members unavailable Members  45 sh. Subscribers  35 sh.
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Research hour: Non-members  290 sh. Members  190 sh. Subscribers  35 sh.

Hafatzat Torah:  .. Please explain ! 
Hafatzat Torah  
is the teaching of Torah in the wider community.
Torah is compared to light. The more Torah.. the more light. Through the generations supporters of Torah have always sought to help scholars print their Seforim. Did you know that today we are helping more than a thousand authors to publicize thousands of Seforim to tens of thousands of readers ? Please help us to to help them spread the light of Torah !

Donate 50 shekels to catalog one new Sefer and your name will appear on our new Prenumeratten list
Donate 500 shekels to put up a home page for a Torani publisher and we will also send you a Sefer from his catalog
Donate 5000 shekels to catalog 100 new Seforim and your Dedication will appear on our homepage for a year
Donate 50,000 shekels to catalog 1000 new Seforim and your Dedication will appear on our homepage permanently

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Prenumeratten  ..What’s that ?
Prenumeratten are the supporters who help an author to lower the cost of printing a Sefer by pre-purchasing copies.These lists of names and communities are found in many pre-war Seforim from Europe and North Africa. Today with the internet maybe we can save Talmidei Hachamim the time and expense of traveling from community to community to find supporters.

You can become a Prenumeratter  right now !
Use our registration page to make your donation to the author or publisher (or Yeshiva) of your choice. You will be listed here.

Hakdashot  ..How ?
At the beginning of many Jewish books are Hakdashot or dedication pages. Here a donor who supports the printing of the author’s Divrei Torah can dedicate the the book to a loved one. His support enables the memory of this person, precious to him, to be remembered in future generations – L’Ilui Nishmato !

Use our registration form to submit your dedication request.
Choose an occasion: Birth, Bar Mitzva, Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, Memorial, Holocaust Memorial, etc.
Choose an Author from our website or one of your personal choice – for his next Sefer. 
Email us us the text of your Dedication which you want to appear in his book.
We will forward copies of the dedication to the author and to any other recipient of your choice.