Cataloging Project

The KYS Otzar is more than a local Torani library for the Kollel and associated community. It also serves many visiting Rabbaim who come from Israel and the Diaspora for various purposes and need reference Seforim while they are in S.A. Some of them tell us that our unique collection and arrangement of 8000+ Rabbinic works possibly even has no counterpart anywhere, even in Israel. There seem to be few such comprehensive and well cared-for Torani libraries anywhere. 

We feel it is now essential to start cataloging our holdings. This would enable a number of developments, such as :  a) Planning expansion b) Making it available online to allow both the local community, visitors and the Diaspora to share these resources c) providing selected scanned copies on request to over the world by e mail (We would like to offer remote users a scan-on-demand service for our reference collection.)

We anticipate that the costs for the cataloging project would be: 

  1. Keying in the catalog card information …………$9000
  2. Programming the catalog.……………….…….…$2000
  3. Scanning station …………………………….……$ 500 

We anticipate that students will be paid a small fee to do the scanning and that all the other running costs can be covered by charging a small user’s fee from those who order excerpts. 

Donations for any of the above projects can be accepted as cheques, credit card payments or bank transfer:

  • Please send cheques via registered mail to Kollel Yad Shaul (Otzar) , C/O Dr. M. E. Tobias, P.O. Box 1060, Houghton , Johannesburg 2041, South Africa.
  • For credit card donations please use the sister project Virtual Geula secure SSL contact from here, with KYSO as payment reference, and kindly also e-mail details of the payment, with the purpose, such as ‘’leilui nishmas’’ – so that it can be processed appropriately.
  • For banking information, kindly send an e-mail to
Ongoing Development of the entire Facility:

Apart from the cataloging project, there will be the financial needs for ongoing acquisition of sforim, completion of sets which are still evolving, and maintenance. The exceptionally dedicated custodian of  Virtual Geula, R’ Yaakov Rosenes, has an ongoing ‘’wish list’ of seforim needed by our Otzar users. All contributions would thus be very welcome and would be dealt with as per individual request- eg. Seforim dedication labels, creation of a dedication feature in the Prenumeratter  section of Virtual Geula , or use the Registration page to make your donation. Donating to the Kollel Yad Shaul in Johannesburg would be most welcome, as further progress would not be possible without such support. Kindly confirm by e mail regarding any donation made – to the contact e mail address on the contact page. Kindly e mail if more information is needed or if you would like to be contacted first.


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