Sifriati/Gitler’s Wholesale Warehouse

 ב”ה ספרייתי – גיטלר


אוסף גדול של ספרים בעברית בכל נושא
הבית של שוטנשטין

קטלוג המעודכן

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Gitler’s is perhaps the oldest and best known distributor of Sifrei-Kodesh in Israel. This is the place to look for books that are in print today. There are more than 3000+ titles in this new Hebrew catalog. Please note some titles may be temporarily unavailable.

Selections include novels, popular Halachic anthologies, reprints of classic works, and youth literature. VirtualGeula is the exclusive Internet outlet for Gitler’s.

Gitler’s is also the Israeli distributor for Artscroll Publications.

If you live in Israel and want to buy an Artscroll publication here – VirtualGeula can save you money and send it faster than your local bookstore.