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Yerid Hasefarim & Mekor Hasefer
יריד הספרים ומקור הספר

Publisher and Bookstore chain   הוצאה לאור ורשת חנויות


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קטלוג תשס”ח

Yerid HaSefarim is a large and well-known chain of bookstores which has been serving the public for over a decade with a huge selection of popular Seforim, Birchonim, Siddurim, posters, Mezuza cases, and general Judaica needs. In addition Yerid Hasefer has published over the years many new Hebrew editions of popular works. These include the well-known works of Rabbi M. Glazerson on the Hebrew Alphabet, Music and Kabbala and Jewish Astrology. Yerid Hasefer also publishes many popular Sifrei Kabbala and many standard reference works including the Kovets Mefarshim, Siddurim and Mahzorim. Also printing publishing and services at reasonable costs.

Beaucoup des Livres en Francais et des editions Francais des Livres en Hebreu.

 ליריד הספרים הוצאת לאור ורשת חנויות מבחר גדול של ספרים פופולרים במגוון נושאים כולל סידורים קבלה מפרשים ועוד


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