Or HaSefer

אור הספר הרב מנחם בראון

Newest Or HaSefer Catalog

Or HaSefer of Reb Menachem Braun is a veteran Hassidic publisher and  distributor located in Romema.

This list of almost 700 Seforim range from new editions of classic works to new works by present day authors. All topics are covered from Halacha to Hassidut to Mussar to children’s reading.

Some of the unique titles in this list are: the 44 volumes of the monumental work Hiddushei Batra on Talmud Bavli. The Avnei Shoham of Rav Moshe Luria, the Imrei Hemed of Rabbi Denderovits, children’s books including a wide selection of books in Yiddish, many Yeruhalmi authors,  the Mahzor Mevuar, and much more.

All of the titles in this catalog are in Hebrew. Please email  to check the availability and current lowest price for each sefer ordered from this list.