Shavua Sefer

Shavua Sefer and Hodesh HaSefer 5778 sales have begun
We have scanned the following sale catalogs and price lists for your perusal subscribers and members can take advantage of our personal shopping, collation, and shipping services to shop at Shavua Sale prices. If you are an active member, (or were in the past or wish to become one) you can participate in these sales at Shavua Sefer prices.

Each sale ends on a different date. Orders will be accepted from until 12 hours before the end of that sale
Members may order units of up to 5 titles or 10 kilos of Seforim *
Subscribers may order units of up to 10 titles or 20 kilos of Seforim *

Default shipping 
will be by via registered surface mail for other options click here.
The current price for registered surface mail to the USA is $18 for the first kilo and $5 for each additional kilo.
EMS, Air freight, UPS, Fedex and other shipping options are available on request.
Each parcel will entail a pickup, packing and handling charge of 50 sh. 

How to Order:
Please update your shipping or payment info HERE .
Please include a valid international Visa, Mastercard or Amex credit card 
Please choose one of the membership plans to qualify for the sale prices.
Please indicate each book with both a name and number at the bottom of the form.

VG is responsible to get your order to the shipper of your choice within 30 days of the end of the sale. 
All shipments will be registered and insured with the shipper. Delivery will be the shipper’s responsibility. 
Each separate package unit will be charged a 50 shekel pickup and packing fee.
You must be a paid-up VG member or subscriber to participate.

* If your order is larger you will simply be charged an additional membership or subscription for each unit.