The Collector

The Collector has been collecting Seforim for over 50 years and has one of the largest private collections in the world. After many years of aquaintence only recently was I able to take a peek into one of his storage-rooms. What my eyes beheld was absolutely breath-taking! From every corner of the globe, from Venice, Constantinople, Prague, Amsterdam, Lemberg and more, from the 15th to the 20th century, thousands and thousands of rare books line his shelves…

Following a major reorganization the collector has now carefully catalogued a major portion of his collection. All of his modern holdings printed after 1950 are presented exclusively here in 91 pages including 14,000 items. Over 98% of these Seforim are in stock and available for immediate sale and shipping. IY”H we will soon create a catalogue of his pre-war Seforim. 

Download Catalog – להוריד הקטלוג

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האספן בנה אחד האוספים הגדולים והיפים של ספרי יהדות בארץ ואולי בעולם משך חמישים שנה. עכשיו אחרי ארגון מחדש
מופיע כאן, פעם ראשונה ובבלעדיות, קטלוג של חלק גדול מהספרים באוסף – דהיינו כל הספרים שנדפסו אחרי תש”י

הקטלוג כולל יותר מארבע-עשרה אלף ספרים ומופיע כאן על תשעים ואחד עמודים

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