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I am having trouble navigating your website Our website is more for Rabbis and professional book people. Please read this FAQ page and the Info pages (see blue bar on the home page).
register here CONTACT/REGISTRATION on our SSL secure form if you have questions. We will try to get back to you within a few days.
Membership – Why? Your membership enables us to catalogue, preserve and scan more books and to share them with other readers.  Our members become our “friends” who get faster and more personal service.
I need price and availability information first  ​​When we receive your form we will check with our suppliers to make sure these Seforim are presently available and if there are any price changes. Then we will send you an estimated price. However, you must register with a credit card to get a closed pre-quote. 
Advertise Your Sefer on VirtualGeula

VG operates as a Seforim advertiser. Hundreds of our dedicated users and thousands of visitors browse our site monthly to see what is available. If your Sefer needs a dependable web presence with the option to buy securely online for readers the world over, this is the right place. Please note, we do not distribute your Sefer to the stores in Israel but we sometimes can recommend distributors. 

Back Orders If the Sefer you requested is out of print we may be able to find a used copy but this can take weeks or months. If one of our suppliers finds a copy we will try to contact you at your last email address. This is a member-only service.
Book Searches are for registered users and members only We find used Seforim by canvassing dozens of dealers. Used original copies are generally more expensive than books printed recently. ​Before we can proceed with a search order you must register on our website contact/registration form
Books out of print. Costs? If a  Sefer is out of print and unavailable on the used book market then the only alternative we can offer is to scan a library copy and make you a hard-bound quality facsimile copy. This cost is 100 sh. for scanning (If the Sefer has been pre-scanned then only the search cost) + 1 shekel per page + 50 shekels binding + postage
Can you find Sefer Ploni? This Sefer appears on the Israeli Union catalogue but may or may not be available among used book dealers. We would be happy to undertake a search for you.
Please read the onsite info page “Find” and register for a search online.
Can I ask if you can find it before I register? We would like to always provide immediate answers and we wish we had the manpower to do so but as stated elsewhere on our website because of budgetary limitations. So our first priority is to help our members and fully registered users.
Do you have? 1. You must register so we can process your request and begin a book search.
2. We will report back to you and if we find a copy we will email you an itemized invoice to you for approval.
3. After you have confirmed the price – then we charge your CC and purchase the book from the dealer and send it to you via registered airmail. 
I see the Sefer in your catalogue The Seforim in Demand Catalogue is almost twenty years old. Most of the Seforim catalogued 10 years ago are no longer “in print”.  Often we can find a used copy, or the author may sell us one of his reserved copies.  Please place your order and we will see what is available. There is no search charge. Or we can make you a facsimile copy from the scan of the copy at the National Library.
I filled out the form- What next? If the Sefer is already listed, there are no search costs. We will email you a quote with the current price. After you confirm your order we will charge your credit card and procure the Sefer from the distributor and ship it registered airmail by the shipper of your choice. (Today  5779 , as a rule of thumb,  the average new Hebrew books on the market cost 55-65 shekels per volume for a 500 page Sefer). 
Why can”t I just click and buy like in a regular store?  Today Sifrei Kodesh are being printed in small editions often less than 500. Frequently editions finish in a few months and it may years or longer until they are reprinted. The nature of the local book trade here is very fast. Distributors usually do not have the time to quote prices over the phone for small orders. Therefore our service is a form of agency. We are your personal shopper and we do the legwork to find and send the Sefer door to door at competitive local prices. 
New Books – Costs?

1. If the book appears on our website and you fill out the form with the title + catalogue # or the URL where it appears – then there is no search charge.
2. If the book is not listed on our website – we can find any printed Sefer. Search charges will apply. 
3. We do not have a warehouse so pick-up costs apply for all books and depend on the distance between us and the supplier

Who are you? Machon Mekorot is a non-profit Institute for preservation and proliferation of Jewish books founded in Jerusalem in 1987. In 1995 we added the VirtualGeula shopping service for Seforim in print to create a meeting ground for Torani authors and learners. 
Why should I give you my Credit Card? Inquiries backed by a credit card are treated as potential orders. Inquiries without a credit card are a low priority and can only be dealt with only if time permits.