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Search for book in print:  Users 70 sh. Members  35 sh. Subscribers  25 sh.
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Number of pages Cost per page Please note that page prices are for
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will be an additional library charge 
of 125 sh. 

1   –   9    pages  10 sh. per page
10 –  49   pages  3 sh. per page
50 –  99   pages  1 sh. per page
100-299  pages  .80 sh. per page
300 >     pages  .60 sh. per page
Format: Price: Notes:
PDF file
15 sh. Uploaded to google drive
Softcover Binding 25 sh. + postage Clear plastic cover  
(Single-sided 125 pages max.)
Hardcover Binding 50 sh. + postage Includes gold stamping on cover 
(Double sided 400 pages max.)