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כבוד הספרים (Microsoft Word document)

Kavod Seforim Halacha Summary

Proper Respect for Seforim – Weekly Halocha, by Rabbi Daniel Neustadt

The Peleh Yoetz, Rav Eliezer Papo ZT”L, says that a person should check that dust has not gathered on seforim. If there is any, he should clean them immediately. One should honour seforim in any general way, by returning them to their place, by setting them in place neatly etc. The general approach is that they are described as and considered as garments of the King; thus, one who honours them will himself receive honour and merit success in his torah learning.

Caring for Sforim – the Sefer Ginzei Hakodesh (Microsoft Word document)

The Minsker Maggid – Rabbi Binyamin Shakovitsky zt’l (Microsoft Word document)

Rav Bodiansky shlita 5775 (Microsoft Word document)

R’ Elya Svei ZT’L (Microsoft Word document)

Rabbi Mordechai Gifter (Microsoft Word document)

A story of innocenct respect (Microsoft Word document)

A Master Bookbinder’s Advice (Microsoft Word document)

Seforim as Protectors: Seforim protect a home and its occupants. The elder chossid, Reb Foleh Kahn, related: ‘’When the Rashab left the village of Lubavitch, in the year תרע“ו , 1915, he left behind a full crate of valuable kisvei yad (manuscripts) written by many Rebbes and gedolei Yisroel, in the Moscow home of a chossid by the name of Reb Zelka Parsitz. When I once visited Reb Zelka with a group of bochurim, we opened the box and saw its contents. Reb Zelka told us that his home had been searched by the dreaded Secret Police numerous times, yet its officers had never once opened the box. He added, ‘This box saved me a number of times’. When he was eventually asked to return it to the Rebbe, he was saddened, and said, ‘Who will now protect me at home?’.
לקו“ש חי“ג ע‘ 213, שמועות וסיפורים ח“א ע‘ 116
Sparks of Light  no. 24  Rabbi Shimon Hellinger

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