Goals and Cataloguing

Goals and Cataloguing

The Otzar is growing at a steady pace. It is playing a critical role now and cannot afford to let the broader Torah community down. There is a need to keep pace with the availability of new and enhanced titles and series which greatly promote Torah study. A momentum has to be maintained. There is no simplifying the method of obtaining Torah literature. Sets at times cannot be obtained if individual volumes are not bought as soon as they become available. Some have to be obtained from the author or their family, or via other complex connections and searches. We are blessed to have the Virtual Geula service involved in much of this advancement. Some sforim are obtained via our bochrim who are learning in the USA. Other sforim are found only by walking the streets and alleyways of Yeushalayim, searching for ‘gems’. The aim is to continue to do our best to maintain a top quality Torah Reference Library, for an audience which both hearkens to an expanding collection of classic sources and revised classic sources, as well as thirsting for up-to-date new releases of the utmost authenticity.

 The Intensity of Sfroim Organisation and Otzar Management

The entire field of sforim organisation has taken on a new dimension in communities which have the finance for and the option of calling on professional organisers. See, for example, the webpage of ‘’The Sforim Organisers”.

In more remote communities such as ours, this option does not exist and we have had to ‘’reinvent the wheel’’ ourselves. In fact we pre-empted many aspects. B’H we have made amazing strides and we have a set-up probably equal to a professional one – except for the fact that we still need to finance continued expansion and also under-take cataloguing. An Otzar which reaches a ‘’critical mass’’ such as ours, has to undertake cataloguing to enable optimal use of and organised expansion.

This webpage serves to inform the broader Jewish public who appreciate the ‘chashivus’ of such a need, so that they consider sponsorship of this most important undertaking.  

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