Letter of Support from Beis Yaakov


Rabbi David Nossel
8 Knox St
South Africa
Mobile: +27 72 614 1422
14 Shevat 5775
02 February 2015

Letter of appreciation

I write to express my appreciation to those who are involved in the Otzer Seforim at the Kollel Yad Shaul in Johannesburg South Africa.

I have no doubt that it is the most extensive collection of Seforim in Africa, if not the Southern Hemisphere. It is masterfully arranged and beautifully maintained.

The Otzer is a wonderful resource to the entire community. I am both a Rabbi and a Medical Doctor and having access to the range of Seforim is a tremendous help to me as well.

I thank those very kind and generous people for providing such a treasure and with them bracha and hatzlacha.

Rabbi Dr David Nossel


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