The Mutimedia Kiosk

The Kollel has a multimedia workstation which was designed by Tuvia Tobias using kiosk software.

The workstation combines the following all in one system, which means that all four main functions are accessible from the same computer workstation, using one screen, Hebrew-English keyboard and mouse, as well as a switching mechanism to navigate between the four options. Multiple connections enable audio download to any device. Selected portions of the written texts can be printed on the adjacent copier/printer. Since no internet access is desired in the Beis Medrash environment, even Hebrewbooks is available from a hard drive. Four external hard drives are connected to the computer internally.

The items featured are:

  • Otzar Hachochma
  • Otzrot HaTorah (AKA as The Morgenstern Library)
  • Kol Halashon
  • Hebrewbooks


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