Prenumeratten list

 פרענומעראנטען Prenumerattenen  ..What’s that ? ?

Prenumeratten  are the supporters who help an author to lower the cost of printing a Sefer by pre-purchasing copies. These lists of names and communities are found in many pre-war Seforim from Europe and North Africa. Today with the internet maybe we can save Talmidei Hachamim the time and expense of traveling from community to community to find supporters.


You can become a Prenumeratter  right now and join the list below!
Use our registration page to make your donation to the author or publisher (or Yeshiva) of your choice. 

In Memory of
Mr. Joseph Rudman
a man of vision who was the pioneer and first supporter of the Judaica Archival Project

In Memory of our dear friend
Rabbi Dr. Bernard Susser
הרב דוב בער בן מנחם מנדל סוסר ז”ל
י”א ניסן תשנ”ז
who faithfully served several congregations in England and South Africa.

In gratitude to the Friends of the Judaica Archival Project who saw the eternal value of supporting Jewish scholarship:
Dr. Roy Stern
Rabbi Dov Friedberg
Rabbi Reuven Bulka
Rabbi Manny Diena
Mrs Elizabeth Maxwell
Mr. Martin Fogel
Mr. Michael Schiffer
Mrs. Sylvia Rosenes
Mr. Walter Cole

Ari Charlap and his family
הצלחה בלימוד ובכל הענינים