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עוז והדר
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For over 1500 years the most prized possession of any Torah Scholar has been his copy of the Talmud Bavli or as it referred to colloquially the “Shas”.  Since the invention of printing each generation has sought to reprint the Shas in a  more complete, accurate  and beautiful edition than the previous generation. For over 20 years an outstanding team of scholars has labored over this really monumental edition. Now the entire Talmud is almost ready!

The new Edition of the Talmud Bavli known as the Oz VeHadar Shas is the most important new edition of the Shas since the Vilna-Rom edition of 1886. As any Yeshiva student will attest the advantage of this edition are the new clear printing, the excellent proofing, and the entirely new typesetting of the Rishonim now appear together in the same volume.

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The Shas Murhevet  (medium size size 31.5 cm.) in 26 volumes has the complete anthology of the commentaries of the Rishonim newly typeset and bound together with each Masechet. 

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