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HaSifria Sefaradit

הספריה הספרדית והו”ל אור מערב       The Sifria Sefaradit is probably the largest and most experienced distributor of Sephardic Torah literature in the world today. For more than twenty years they have been locating Sifrei Hachmei Sefarad  wherever they appear and making them available to Torah students in Israel and the Diaspora. Their catalogue includes Seforim which are in stock and their knowledge-base which covers thousands more Seforim that were recently printed and may be dificult to find. The newest catalog combines many publishers and includes: Halacha, Responsa, Kabala, Torah, Nach, Tefilla, Drashot, stories, Mussar, Tikkunim history, biography and a large new section of disks. Geographically they have gathered together literature from Spain and Morocco to Iraq and Yemen in this tremendous catalog of 89 pages and more than 4000 items. We invite you to browse their catalogs and to sample the wide selection of Kabbala, Halacha, Drush, Mahshava, Tefilla, Responsa and more.

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